As we prepare to step into the year 2014, let me share a few thoughts on what God has placed in my heart for His people with you. I want you to be careful not to become carried away with the celebrations customary with the end of the year so much so that you forget to make preparations for the coming year. 2014 has been on my Spirit since the middle of this year. Waiting till January 2014 to begin strategizing for the year, in my opinion, is too late by almost a whole year. You’ve got to be ready well in advance. As you begin to listen to God and the rustlings of the Spirit, you discover that there is a consistent and gradual buildup towards positioning you for what God has stored up.

This year 2013, we declared a year of exploits; however 2014  is a year where God is calling us to come a notch higher from where we have been. As a buildup, we seek to expand the things that God has done and needs to do not just for us and in us, but also through us. In Heb 11:33 the scriptures talk about faith to subdue and faith to obtain; that is what I call radical faith. It is faith to pull down everything that must come down and faith to obtain everything that must be obtained.

2014 is year of Radical Faith. We therefore have a responsibility to identify, isolate and subdue anything that tries to contend with us before we can obtain. The kind of faith that can ensure it must be radical. The word radical is not the same as rascal. A radical faith must be:

1. Fundamental. Everything must be predicated upon it.

2. Thorough. It is not half-hearted or shaky.

3. Extreme. You must place a demand upon yourself to take it to the extreme.

4. Drastic. It must support drastic changes and reforms.

5. Transforming. The traditional and the usual must go.

You need to understand that faith does not deny reality, but refuses to submit to an unfavorable reality. The difference between “I can do all things…” and “right now there are some things I’m unable to do” is the need for me to expand myself and change myself in order to be able to enter that realm. That process of change requires some radical push, and the Holy Spirit surely honours people who are ready to make enough personal sacrifices today in order to obtain a better tomorrow.

Tomorrow is always better, and because tomorrow is better you must be disciplined enough to sacrifice today. Every time God wants to put glory on a man, He watches for the present to determine tomorrow. He does that because when God promotes you the glory can be very big, so He watches for tendencies.  Also at other times, the reason why people wait and seem not to be known is because God is waiting for the present and the latter rain to come together in order to give you an intimidating harvest.

Sometimes there is a postponement of arrival dates so that the celebration can be double and bigger, and in such a time it takes a lot of faith (radical) to keep standing. We need radical faith to achieve what God is asking us to do in 2014. There is going to be some stretching, however after every stretching, the result will always show the wisdom behind it.