I perceive in my spirit that God is getting set to release another dimension of blessing over His people. I feel that, I hear that and I see that, and it shall come to pass. One of the things that integrity guaranties is the blessing of the Lord. Ps 5:12. Righteousness guarantees a blessing.

Num. 22:6, 12. I’ll like you to know that there are people who are afraid of you. There are people who see you even in your seemly lowly state, for those that are still in the midst of expectation and they are already jealous envious and fearful of you because they know as a matter of certainty that you are a candidate for blessing. You can’t be connected to God and not be blessed. You can’t know the God of blessing and lack a blessing. This people know that it is only a function of time before the blessings of God locates you. I’m here to announce to you that there is no curse pronounced against you that can prosper. Every curse released against you shall be turned to a blessing, regardless of the altar it is coming from. This is so because when God curses a man he cannot be cursed.

1Kings 17:4, 9. In the doings and the dealings of God there are things that must happen by reason of God’s clear instruction. There are blessings we enjoy not necessarily because we have an affiliation or a connection but simply because God in His mightiness and sovereignty goes ahead of us and beyond us to compel and insist that certain things must be. I’m saying this because the natural thing is for us to look at who we are; our abilities and connections and begin to wonder how the blessings will come. When God chooses to bless you, He reserves a blessing for you by name. The widow of Zarephath was under a compulsion by a divine decree to give to Elijah when he shows up, even if it is the last that she has. That shall be your portion this coming season. Like the Ravens who are ordinarily selfish birds of prey, even the people that will ordinarily withhold from you have been commanded to sustain you in this season.

If all you are is because you work hard then you are still under a curse that God placed on Adam in Eden. There is however a dimension of favour that causes people to locate you regardless of your status.

Num. 23:20. There is a commandment from God to bless and such blessings are irreversible.

Mark 10:46-52. The Bible does not record how long Bartimaeus has been blind for, but his condition had subjected him to ham man sitting by the wayside begging for alms. He had become somebody that people hardly ever notice. Jesus passed by him into the city of Jericho while he was sitting by the wayside and it occurred to him that he will remain there and his opportunities will be passing him by. He therefore made up his mind that when the same Jesus is coming back, even though he will not be granted access, he will use his natural voice to speak, proclaim and compel the law on the basis of His covenant name – The Son of David. Therefore when Jesus was on His way out, the man seized his opportunity. The first thing there is that the man sensed that there are seasons that come your way that if you keep quiet in, your story will remain the same. Therefore I want to announce to you that God is announcing a season of blessing and the first step you should take is to locate the season and not keep quiet. If you keep quiet certain things cannot pass you. The same Jesus had passed before and nothing happened and the same Jesus was about to pass again and blind Bartimaeus refused to allow Him pass again.

The second thing he did was creating an access point to the Lord by proclaiming His covenant name. Every time you say “Jesus, Son of David” you are activating covenant. In Ps. 89:1-52 God established a covenant with David and He made several promises. Acts 3:25 already declares that you are a covenant child and a partaker of the Commonwealth of Israel. You are a part of the blessing. You already have the same access and opportunity. What you need to do in this season is to take a stand that you will not allow distractions, your condition or the faces of people to distract you from connecting with the blessing. When you do this heaven has no option than to respond to you when you know your right, your season, the covenant blessing and you place a demand. The Lord will proof you afresh to know what you want.

Have you become accustomed to your life that you are not ready to change? God is going to be placing a demand for specifics in this season of blessing. In this season of blessing, your faith will make you whole.