As the year winds down, strategic and forward-thinking people take out time to analyze the fading year and deliberately prepare for a better next year. This is one routine with people whose minds are set on progress, never stop engaging in. It is a proven fact that those who do not prepare, repair. A true talk, because preparation makes you anticipate what is to come in order to strategically get ready for it, thereby seizing the moment. This becomes even the more compelling with the abundance of scriptural promise that “the expectation of the righteous shall not be cut off” (Proverbs 23:18).

Analyzing the patterns and outcomes, both high and low, of this year is a necessary requirement for better positioning to optimize the evidently better fortunes of the coming year. There will always be room found for improvement, change of tactics, and certain other vital matters that require a turn or twist here and there. The scriptures, in various ways, confirm that tomorrow is better than today and that what is ahead is greater than what is behind (Proverbs 4:18; Job 8:7; Ecclesiastes 7:8,10; Jeremiah 29:11). If we truly believe these promises, then we must measure our lives by them and genuinely ask: ‘how well am I doing?’

It is highly imperative that before this year wraps up that we engage in very factual and realistic self-appraisal in order to discover possible lapses, laziness and other tendencies that might have limited the summation of our results this year. Since a chain only remains as strong as its weakest link, wise people do not wait to be reminded to personally deal with the issues they know may have the possibility of reducing them in life. They make conscious decisions backed up by practical steps to lay aside and overcome all such limitations. Part of such limitations may include: tender ties, needless weights, over extended commitments and other sinful tendencies. We must therefore, firmly assess our commitment to the values of diligence, punctuality, focus, consistency, benevolence and more. These values are never going to change, and so the earlier we embrace them, the better we are for it.

Here is the truth we must not lose sight of; 2016 has better opportunities than 2015. By now you should be aware that there is no devil, person or circumstance that has the capacity to stop you. Only you can limit yourself. Make up your mind to give 2016 your best shot. You are always guaranteed Heaven’s unflinching and total support.

The question then is, how ready and fired up will you be to obtain your portion in the coming year?

As we crossover do make up your mind to take over!